Supercharge Your Portfolio With Big Eyes Coin, Ripple, and FTX Token

The crypto winter is here, and many cryptocurrencies are falling or ranging at unfavorable prices. Even short-term traders are feeling the impact of the crypto winter which can be tiring.

However, crypto presents us with many alternatives which we can leverage to make more profits. Some of them include staking, yield farming, and buying blue chip cryptos.

Big Eyes Coin is a promising cryptocurrency powered by the DeFi community. Ripple and FTX Token are also worthy cryptos to keep a close eye on. Let’s see more of them below.

Why Ripple could be a good crypto to watch

It takes resilience for a DeFi protocol and cryptocurrency to stay relevant in the face of adversity. Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time. Despite its court struggles and the crypto winter, Ripple remains one of the standout cryptocurrencies in the market—staying in the top 10 and winning the hearts of more investors and traders.

Ripple already has plans for the future and is waiting on the US court verdict to conclude its roadmap. The court verdict will come on after the final hearing between Ripple and the SEC, which will likely be in the first quarter of 2023.

Ripple’s future spells good fortune for its hodlers, and this makes it a good crypto to watch closely.

FTX Token, not done yet for traders

FTX Exchange is one of the top crypto exchanges for derivatives and futures. Its ecosystem is powered by the FTX Token, which is also tradable as a standalone crypto. $FTT serves as the unique exchange token on the FTX exchange, and rewards hodlers with discounts when using FTX.

The token has shown considerable appreciation since entering the fourth quarter of 2022. This could signal that the coin is ready to soar if favorable market news of sentiment persists.

Big Eyes Coin could supercharge your portfolio upon launch

Big Eyes Coin is the latest addition to the crypto market. Although it has not been fully inducted as it is undergoing presale, Big Eyes Coin is already gaining momentum among early buyers.

We should expect a sudden surge after the presale due to its high demand among hodlers. Big Eyes Coin is, nevertheless, still running what appears to be the last stage of the presale and you could still get the coins at cheaper rates still.

What is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

Big Eyes Coin is a utility token of the Big Eyes ecosystem comprising a community-driven NFT marketplace. Big Eyes, like Shiba Inu, will also feature a cross-chain DEX pool, facilitating easy and seamless liquidity across different blockchain networks.

Big Eyes Coin will be the fuel behind the Big Eyes ecosystem and will be used for staking and liquidity mining. Big Eyes Coin will also be used to pay for transactions in its DEX pool.

In the future, Big Eyes Coin will be used to reward loyal NFT collectors and creators, and Big Eyes merch will be distributed to them as gifts.

Big Eyes Coin

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