Seedling Heating Mat 50x25cm Waterproof Plant Seed Germination Propagation Clone Starter Pad 110V/220V Garden Supplies 1 Pc


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Material: PVC
Rated Power: 17.5 W
Rated Voltage: 110V / 220V
Plug: US/EU Plug
Size:50x25cm(19.7×9.8 Inch)
Thickness: About 2-3mm
Packaging: 1Pc
Product Features
Seeding heat mat is an ideal 24 hour veggie, herb, and flower grow faster and Safe wintering. It contains a solid state nichrome heating element. These heat mat permanently adhere to your flowerpot, forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer.
*Single circuit provides consistent temperature
*Stronger heating wire with silicon insulation and thicker multilayer construction offer more uniform heating and durability 
*The heat wire are High frequency welding for permanently in the heat mat
*Providing bottom heat you’ ll increase the germination rate
*Seeding heat mat for better plant growth and flower seed germinAtion Can be placed in many different sizes of seedl ing bow. 
*Increases the success of seedlings and cuttings, durable construction, waterproof and easy cleaning 
*Seedling heat mat for better veggie, herb, and flower seed germination
*Increases the success of seedlings and cuttings
*Each mat has a handy seed germination guide for many popular flowers and vegetables
*Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature
*Increases success of seed lings and cuttings
*Lighting, watering, and planting information printed on mat

It is manual measurement, there may be 1-2mm error.
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Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 30.0 × 25.0 × 12.0 cm

110V, 220V

Brand Name



about 3mm/0.12in


Plant heating pad


50x25cm(19.7×9.8 Inch)



Type 2

Seedling growth heating pad


110V American Standard /220V European standard



Model Number



17.5 W


Plant growth heating mat

Type 1

Seeding heat mat


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