Is Mt.Gox Releasing 140K BTC on September 15, 2022? Decode the Truth Here!

Mt.Gox in recent times has made huge noise in the market, mainly due to the volume of BTC involved and the value of each BTC in recent times. Ever since the asset underwent a monstrous rally, the Mt.Gox rehabilitation plan has been the hot topic in the entire crypto space. In a recent update released on August 31, Mt.Gox is all set, to begin with, for the disbursement on September 15. 

But Wait there’s a catch!

One of the Mt.Gox creditors and a well-known analyst shared that the exchange used ‘complicated language’ as many believed the exchange may release Bitcoin on September 15. 

The analyst highlighted that the official release did not mention anywhere that BTC would be released on September 15. He further explained the entire process that the platform is required to collect the bank details of all the creditors who are not in small numbers. Hence he believes, it may take a longer time as not all creditors will provide their details before the date. 

On the other hand, Bitcoin prices have been cemented within narrow regions for quite a long time, while Ethereum price is awaiting the raised market sentiments required ahead of the Merger! However, the next couple of weeks is expected to induce notable bullish momentum that may drag the prices above the uncertainty. 

As September 15 is marked as an important date for Bitcoin & Ethereum, the assets could induce significant volatility in the coming days.

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