IOX Token Offers A High APY Per Day Through Staking Rewards And BNB Dividends

IOX is a new staking decentralized application (Dapp) that provides all users an excellent return on investment. Through IOX, users can collect their staking rewards and claim a share of BNB dividends generated by the daily auction lobby.

The IOX ecosystem wants to offer maximum benefit and return potential to native token stakers. The only way to acquire the IOX token is through the native DApp, where users can spend Binance Coin (BNB) to acquire tokens. 

Once a user begins staking their token, they will begin earning interest in IOX. However, users will also earn a share of BNB dividends. There is no limit to the number of stakers users can set up, but there is a maximum duration of 300 days per stake. 

Staking IOX for longer periods will enable higher interest payments. Staking rewards and BNB dividends will continue to accumulate throughout the staking period. However, users can sell their unfinished stake at their desired price, should they prefer that option. 

The IOX Dapp also features a referral system providing rewards to the referrer and referral. It is a great way to build momentum for this ecosystem and get more people to explore the DApp and its features for themselves. 

As IOX can only be acquired through a Daily Auction Lobby, there is a tremendous opportunity to earn BNB rewards. The team will use 94% of all BNB proceeds in a stake pool and distribute rewards to all stakers accordingly. Staking dividends can be collected once the staking duration has ended. 

IOX will use the remaining 6% of BNB entering the ecosystem for future token buybacks and ongoing ecosystem development and growth. 

About IOX

IOX is designed to provide maximum benefit to the stakers. Users will buy IOX tokens with BNB on our easy-to-use dApp. They can then stake their tokens to earn interest paid in IOX along with their share of the BNB dividends from the daily auction lobby. Users can make as many stakes as they want for as long as they want up to a maximum of 300 days. The longer the stake, the more interest you earn, all while enjoying staking bonuses along the way.

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